Grayson Perry…his way of working


Grayson Perry (born 1960, Chelmsford) is an English artist, known mainly for his ceramic vases and cross-dressing. Perry’s vases have classical forms and are decorated in bright colours, depicting subjects at odds with their attractive appearance. There is a strong autobiographical element in his work, in which images of Perry as “Claire”, his female alter-ego, often appear.

Perry challenges the idea, implicit in the craft tradition, that pottery is merely decorative or utilitarian and cannot express ideas. Much of Perry’s work contains sexually explicit content. Some of his sexual imagery has been described as “obscene sadomasochistic sex scenes”. He also has a reputation for depicting child abuse and yet there are no works depicting sexual child abuse although works that strongly hint at this. In other work he juxtaposes decorative clichés like flowers with weapons and war. Perry combines various techniques as a “guerrilla tactic”, using the approachable medium of pottery to provoke thought.

As you can see from the image above, Perrys work look beautiful and aesthetic from afare however there is a much deeper, more sinister meaning shown within his work when you get up close to study it. Although the meaning behind the work is not the subject area i wish to represent within my own work, his method is exactly how i wish to work. However my designs will appear alot more discreet and highly aesthetic in appearance, just like a real woman.


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